12 DIY Wooden Crate Furniture Ideas

12 DIY Wooden Crate Furniture Ideas

Upcycling wooden crates can be an inexpensive way to create unique pieces for your home. Almost all kinds of furniture can be made out of crates. The most popular are; shelves, bookcases, stools and even table. Check out the following ideas for inspiration and find the perfect DIY project for you.

1. Colorful Wood Crate Bookcase

Colorful Wood Crate Bookcase

This kids’ bookcase makes a wonderful addition to any child’s or teen’s room. (Tutorial via What Does She Do All Day)

2. Crate Nightstand

Crate Nightstand

Add a dark stain to your crates and secure one on top of the other to create a simple rustic nightstand with open shelf storage. (Tutorial via Seeing Sunshine)

3. Colorful Storage for Your Bathroom

Colorful Storage for Your Bathroom

Use painted crates to store bathroom items or display decorations. (via BHG)

4. Crate Ottoman

Crate Ottoman

Make your own ottoman with tons of storage out of crates! (Tutorial via Mon Makes Things)

5. Crate Shoe Bench

Crate Shoe Bench

This shoe bench can help you on your way to keep your hallway neat and organized. (Tutorial via Handimania)

6. Pet Bed

Pet Bed

Build this cozy bed for your furry friend to provide him a comfortable place to sleep. (Tutorial via The Inspired Hive)

7. Wine Crate Coffee Table

Wine Crate Coffee Table

With just four wooden crates and some basic tools, you can create an insanely cute coffee table for your home. (Tutorial via DIY Vintage Chic)

8. Wood Crate Coffee Table and Stool Set

Wood Crate Coffee Table and Stool Set

Here’s another way to build a coffee table and stool set from crates. (Tutorial via Her Tool Belt)

9. Wood Crate Desk

Wood Crate Desk

Stack and secure a few wooden crates to your preferred height and place your writing surface on the top. (via Desire to Inspire)

10. Wood Crate Bench

Wood Crate Bench

Add seating and storage to your home with this modern bench. Perfect for storing boots, shoes, books and bags, the list of uses for this bench is endless!(Tutorial via Operation Home)

11. Throw Pillow and Blanket Storage

Throw Pillow and Blanket Storage

Dress up a plain crate with sleek handles and use it to store extra blankets or throw pillows. (Tutorial via The Home Depot)

12. Entryway Key Rack

Entryway Key Rack

Dress up an old crate with a custom stencil, add some hooks and hang it as an entryway key rack. (Tutorial via Kammy’s Korner)

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