12 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Garden Fence


7. Tin Can Fence Garden

Tin Can Fence Garden

Reuse some old cans, paint them in an appropriate color and hang them on the fence wall to grow plants. (Tutorial via Ciera Design)

8. Hang Old Plates

Hang Old Plates

Choose plates that have different designs and sizes for a unique look. (Source: A Cultivated Nest)

9. Hang Up Colorful Bags

Hang Up Colorful Bags

Adorn your fence by hanging a variety of colorful purses, small tote bags and other handled handbags. (Source: HGTV)

10. Magic Fence with Marbles

Magic Fence with Marbles

Place marbles in to holes in a fence for a sparkling light show when the sun hits the color. (via The Wool Acorn)

11. Write a Quote

Write a Quote

Write words or inspiring quote on your fence to give your yard a personal touch. (via Deposito Santa Mariah)

12. Butterfly Garden Ornaments

Butterfly Garden Ornaments

Make these adorable butterflies to jazz up your garden fence. They are really easy to make and use a lot of household items you may already have on hand. (Tutorial via BugabooCity)

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