12 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Garden Fence

12 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Garden Fence

If you want to make your simple and boring fence more interesting and make your yard more relaxing and charming, then you should definitely check out these fabulous garden fence decoration ideas. These designs are easy, fun, and require a few things you can easily find around the house or at a thrift store.

1. Cute Dragonfly Ornaments

Cute Dragonfly Ornaments

Make unique dragonflies for your garden fence from recycled table legs and ceiling fan blades. (Tutorial via Lucy Designs)

2. Hang Rain Boots on a Fence

Hang Rain Boots on a Fence

Repurpose old boots and give your fence a colorful row of boot planters. (Tutorial via Rosinahuber)

3. Giant Chalkboard

Giant Chalkboard

Give your kids a place to create and share their outdoor artwork on this giant chalkboard. Simply paint a sheet of mdf using chalkboard paint and mount it to your fence. (Full tutorial via The Good Life)

4. Pot Plants

Pot Plants

Attach some colorful planters to your fence. (Tutorial via Apartment Therapy)

5. Wheel Cover Fence Flowers

Wheel Cover Fence Flowers

Take some old hubcaps and paint them your favorite colors. It’s so nice to look at these flowers instead of an old, boring fence. (Tutorial via Hometalk)

6. Picture Frames

Picture Frames

Use thrift store picture frames and up-cycled cans as planters to add a pop of color to your fence. (Tutorial via Five Painted Lane)

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