10 Cool Things To Make With Tin Cans

10 Cool Things To Make With Tin Cans

Instead of throwing empty tin cans in the trash, turn them into awesome crafts, useful DIY projects, or charming decorations! Create your own pencil holders, bird feeders and even rocket stove using old tin cans – it’s easier than you think. Take a look at the ideas below and get inspired:

1. Tin Can Man

Tin Can Man

He can be placed outdoors for yard art or for the garden to keep birds away. (Tutorial via Worth the Whisk)

2. Tin Can Portable Rocket Stove

Tin Can Portable Rocket Stove

In less than an hour, you can make this fuel-efficient stove perfect for cooking while camping. (Tutorial via Log Cabin Cooking)

3. Plastic Bag Storage

Plastic Bag Storage

Turn an empty tin can into a cute plastic bag holder. (Tutorial via Bonnie Donahue)

4. Tin Can Creatures

Tin Can Creatures

Add a touch of whimsy to your yard or garden with these adorable tin can creatures. (Tutorial via My Very Educated Mother)

5. Tin Can Desk Lamp

Tin Can Desk Lamp

Brighten up your room with this original table lamp. (Tutorial via Those Northern Skies)

6. Tin Can Bird Feeders

Tin Can Bird Feeders

Turn your tin cans into wonderful bird feeders. Fill them with seed and watch the birds come. (Tutorial via Mom Endeavors)

7. Tin Can Organizers

Tin Can Organizers

Keep your desk organized and add a pop of color with these DIY tin can organizers. (Tutorial via A Pumpkin And A Princess)

8. Make Decorative Storage Tin Cans

Make Decorative Storage Tin Cans

You can use them to store your craft supplies, or to hold some pretty flowers. (Tutorial via Molly Mell)

9. Tin Can Planters

Tin Can Planters

Add color to your deck this summer by making some tin can planters with recycled cans and some spray paint. (Tutorial via Grow Creative)

10. Tin Can Lanterns

Tin Can Lanterns

Make these cute tin can lanterns to light up the deck or patio in the evening. (Tutorial via CraftFoxes)


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