20 Amazing DIY Recycled Christmas Decorations

20 Amazing DIY Recycled Christmas Decorations

Are you looking for Christmas decor ideas that won’t break the bank? Create your own Christmas decorations using recycled materials! Recycled crafts are a great way to save money and help the environment along the way. So, instead of buying new ornaments and decorations this year, check out these creative Christmas decorations you can make using items you already have in your home.

1. Plastic Bottle Penguins

Plastic Bottle Penguins

Empty plastic bottles, some glue and a bit of paint are all you need to create these cute little penguins. (Tutorial via Vila do Artesão)

2. Recycled Key Snowman Ornaments

Recycled Key Snowman Ornaments

Do you have some old, unused keys around the house? If so, turn them into festive snowman ornaments! (Tutorial via Crafts by Amanda)

3. Baby Food Jar Christmas Tree

Baby Food Jar Christmas Tree

Use old baby food jars and a little holiday magic to create an earth-friendly and beautiful decoration for your Christmas table. (Tutorial via Suzy’s Sitcom)

4. Reindeer Cups

Reindeer Cups

Don’t throw away your coffee cups! Transform them into cute Reindeer Cups as Christmas decor! (Tutorial via The Pink Doormat)

5. Paper Tube Santa Claus

Paper Tube Santa Claus

Save a toilet paper roll and add just a few embellishments to create this cute Santa Claus. (Tutorial via Craft Ideas)

6. Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

Here’s a cute little project that you and the kids can do with some old bottle caps! (Tutorial via One Artsy Mama)

7. Sparkly Clothespin Snowflakes

Sparkly Clothespin Snowflakes

Create sparkly clothespin snowflakes using everyday clothespins and glitter. (Tutorial via Life at Cloverhill)

8. Olaf Sock Snowman

olaf sock snowman

If you have a Olaf fan in your house, this Olaf snowman craft is for you. (Tutorial via One Creative Mommy)

9. Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

Who would have thought that pieces of spoons could make such a pretty decoration! (Tutorial: My Husband Has too Many Hobbies)

10. Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

These mason jar lid ornaments are so easy to do and can be customized to any decor! (Tutorial via Clean and Scentsible)

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