15 Amazing DIY Pallet Outdoor Furniture Ideas


9. Outdoor Pallet Table

Outdoor Pallet Table

This outdoor pallet coffee table will look great in your outdoor space and is a great place for friends and family to gather around and enjoy the fresh air. (Tutorial via Joy Ever After)

10. Wood Deck Cooler

Wood Deck Cooler

This patio cooler will be a beautiful addition to your patio, back yard or outdoor entertainment area. (Tutorial via Fox Hollow Cottage)

11. One-Pallet Chair

One-Pallet Chair

If you only have one pallet at your disposal, then you can create a slightly reclined chair where you can sit and relax whenever you feel that stress has gotten to you. (Tutorial via Instructables)

12. Outdoor Rolling Cart

Outdoor Rolling Cart

Here’s an easy outdoor rolling cart idea that not only gives you some extra surface area and storage, but it’s pretty great looking, too! (Tutorial via Anything Pretty)

13. Gardening Fold-Out Table

Gardening Fold-Out Table

I love the fact that you can close it up when you’re not using it, so it doesn’t waste space. (Tutorial via Jenna Burger)

14. Large Outdoor Loungers

Large Outdoor Loungers

These outdoor loungers will look great beside your pool or on your sun deck or balcony. (Tutorial via Shoestring Pavilion)

15. Popcorn Stand

Popcorn Stand

This pallet popcorn stand is perfect for any outdoor parties. (Tutorial via Liz Marie blog)

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