12 Easy DIY Desk Projects For Your Home or Office

12 Easy DIY Desk Projects For Your Home or Office

A desk is an important furniture at every house. Whether you want to outfit a home office, give your kids a homework space, or just want a surface for a computer or crafting, desks are essential. However, a good desk can be expensive. So why not make your own? It will cost less, and you can customize the size to fit your space! We present you 12 easy DIY desk projects that you can do in your free time.

1. Easy DIY Office Desk

Office Desk

Make this super easy office desk with a piece of wood and 2 drawers. No screws needed! (Tutorial via Tomfo)

2. Sawhorse Desk

Sawhorse Desk

Build a sawhorse craft desk for only $35 using sawhorse clamps, 2×4’s and an old closet door. (Tutorial via Houseologie)

3. Pallet desk

Pallet desk

Here is a super simple way to make a desk from a wooden pallet. All you need to make this desk are pallet, some sturdy legs and a plywood sheet. (Tutorial via Ikea Hackers)

4. Wall Mounted Desk

Wall Mounted Desk

A wall-mounted desk is the perfect space-saving solution for a small home office. (Tutorial via The Crafted Life)

5. Floating Desk

Floating Desk

Another great space saving desk you can build yourself with just four oak boards and some brackets. (Tutorial via Design Sponge)

6. The Flip Desk

The Flip Desk

Create a multi-tasking DIY flip desk from a single sheet of plywood. (Tutorial via HomeMade Modern)

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