15 DIY Side Table Ideas That Are Easy And Cheap To Build

15 DIY Side Table Ideas That Are Easy And Cheap To Build

Side tables are modest, occasional tables that are placed at the side of a sofa or an armchair. They can be very useful, not just as a place to put your personal things on or to hold an extra bedside lamp, but with the right design it can be a fantastic decor piece for your home.

Here we present you 15 side tables that you can build yourself from scratch or by repurposing other items.

1. Gold Hexagon End Table

Gold Hexagon End Table

This beautiful gold hexagon table is sure to give any room an elegant feel. (DIY tutorial: Pneumatic Addict)

2. Rustic End Table

Rustic End Table

Build a rustic end table from the sliced portion of a tree trunk and a trio of hairpin legs. (DIY tutorial: eHow)

3. Side Table From an Old Suitcase

Side Table From an Old Suitcase

Give your old suitcase a new life by turning it into unique side table with bonus storage. Perfect for a home that has an eclectic taste. (DIY tutorial: The DIY Diary)

4. Industrial Side Table

Industrial Side Table

This two-tiered side table is both useful and stylish, ideal for modern living. (DIY tutorial: The Golden Sycamore)

5. Log End Table

log end table

Turn leftover firewood into an end table or stool. (DIY tutorial: HomeMade Modern)

6. Twisty Side Table

Twisty Side Table

This geometric twisty table can be used as a side table, plant stand, bedside table, or just a piece of home décor. (DIY tutorial: Woodshop Diaries)

7. Rope Side Table

Rope Side Table

Full of charm and character this Rope side table is sure to make a lovely addition to your living room or dining room area. (DIY tutorial: Meet Me in Philadelphia)

8. Copper Pipe Side Table

copper pipe side table

Incorporate copper into your home decor with a DIY copper pipe end table. (DIY tutorial: A Beautiful Mess)

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