15 Amazing DIY Projects You Can Do With Old Pennies


9. Penny Letters

Penny Letters

Make paper mache letters and cover them in pennies. Use this nice decoration in the kitchen or dining room. (Tutorial via The Crafted Sparrow)

10. Penny Wall

Penny Wall

Give your wall a total textural makeover with pennies! (Tutorial via Bella Nest)

11. The Penny Backsplash

The Penny Backsplash

While kitchen backsplashes are usually made of large or mosaic tiles, you can use anything to make a unique backsplash, including pennies. (Tutorial via Whatcha Workin’ On)

12. Penny Vase

Penny Vase

Here’s a great way to turn an old thrift store vase into an artistic pop of copper for any room. All you need to do is cover it with pennies. (Image via Vone Inspired)

13. Penny Napkin Ring Holders

Penny Napkin Ring Holders

Oh-so-easy and elegant, these napkin rings will bring luxury to any setting. (Tutorial via Kosher on a Budget)

14. Penny Coasters

Penny Coasters

These penny coasters take just minutes to make and are so cute! They are great gifts, or for you to use in your own home. (Tutorial via Seriously, I’m Thrifty!)

15. Penny Ring

Penny Ring

This is an easy to make piece of jewelry that will add a unique touch to any look. (Tutorial via Trinkets in Bloom)

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