15 Amazing DIY Projects You Can Do With Old Pennies

15 Amazing DIY Projects You Can Do With Old Pennies

Have a big jar of old pennies you’ve been saving and you aren’t quite sure what to do with them? Put them to good use with these creative ideas!

Those gorgeous little metal coins can be transformed into amazing crafts, furniture, home decor, and more. Here are a few of our favorite DIY ways to use pennies to spruce up your home or to make great gifts!

1. Penny Art

Penny Art

Use pennies to create easy and inexpensive meaningful art. (Tutorial via A Swell Place to Dwell)

2. Copper Penny Floor

Penny Floor

Are you looking for a unique way to remodel your floors? Instead of tile or wood, make a floor out of pennies. Its a lot of work, but the end result is gorgeous. (Tutorial via Homedit)

3. Penny Starburst Mirror

Penny Starburst Mirror

How about making a starburst mirror out of pennies? It’s easy, super cheap and unique. (Tutorial via Real Happy Space)

4. Penny Top Coffee Table

Penny Top Coffee Table

You can have a new looking table by covering the top with pennies. (Tutorial via Remove and Replace)

5. Birdhouse with a Penny Roof

Birdhouse with a Penny Roof

A penny roof is the pretty copper complement to a DIY birdhouse! This project is so vintage chic and is great outdoor decor. (Tutorial via Dream a Little Bigger)

6. Penny Wind Chime

Penny Wind Chime

Sophisticated and stylish, this wind chime will add a subtle, calming tune to your porch or patio. (Tutorial via Instructables)

7. Penny Ball for Your Garden

Penny Ball for Your Garden

Just glue pennies to a bowling ball & mount it on a stand! (Tutorial via Kindred Style)

8. Penny Mirror Frame

Penny Mirror Frame

Give your old mirror some style and personality by adding pennies to it. (Tutorial via Honey Sweet Home)

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