18 Awesome DIY Fire Pits You Can Build Yourself


9. Old Steel Rim Fire Pit

Old Steel Rim Fire Pit

Another great looking fire pit made out of tractor tire rim surrounded by concrete edging. It’s simple, cost effective and definitely work as a fire pit. (Tutorial via TractorbyNet)

10. Whisky Fire Pit

Whisky Fire Pit

Use an old whiskey barrel to make this fire pit that will be a stunning addition to the overall atmosphere of your yard, providing it will elegance and prestige. (Tutorial via So You Think You’re Crafty)

11. Turn a Flower Pot Into a Small Fire Pit

Turn a Flower Pot Into a Small Fire Pit

Perfect for roasting marshmallows all summer long! (Tutorial via The Blue Eyed Dove)

12. Cast Stone with Natural Stone Cap Fire Pit

Cast Stone with Natural Stone Cap Fire Pit

The concrete and the rocks create a sleek, modern look. (Tutorial via ManMade DIY)

13. Fire Pit Table

Fire Pit Table

This fire pit table is an enchanting spot to gather around with friends on a summer evening. (Tutorial via Mode Rustic)

14. Fire Pit Using Concrete Tree Rings

Fire Pit Using Concrete Tree Rings

Build this amazing fire pit by stacking tree rings and filling small stones or pebbles in-between. (Tutorial via Instructables)

15. Metal Fire Pit

Metal Fire Pit

This fire pit looks amazing and would work well in almost any environment. (Tutorial via The Brick House)

16. Stone & Metal Bowl Pit

Stone & Metal Bowl Pit

This fire pit is ideal for small spaces, because it keeps the fire up high above the ground and close to you. (Tutorial via In Krust And Sawdust)

17. Stone Fire Pit

Stone Fire Pit

Create a warm and inviting area to hang out in your backyard with this easy to build stone fire pit. (Tutorial via The Crafty Ninja)

18. Colorful Backyard Fire Pit

Colorful Backyard Fire Pit

I love this DIY fire pit which uses multi-colored bricks. This is the perfect decor to liven up any outdoor living space! (Tutorial via Eighteen25)

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