16 Beautiful DIY Christmas Stocking Ideas

16 Beautiful DIY Christmas Stocking Ideas

Christmas stockings are holiday must-have. They’re a great way to add a personal touch to your home decor, and make great DIY gifts too. Traditionally Christmas stockings are hung around the fireplace, but you could choose to hang yours on the tree, on hooks on the wall, from a shelf or even over a door.

If you want to make your own stocking this Christmas, here are some cool and creative homemade stocking ideas ranging from modern to traditional.

1. Personalized Drop Cloth Christmas Stockings

Personalized Drop Cloth Christmas Stockings

Create these beautiful DIY Christmas stockings with inexpensive drop cloth and a personalized appliqué for everyone in the family. (Tutorial via Houseful of Handmade)

2. Sweater Stockings

sweater stockings

Don’t toss your old sweater. Instead, repurpose it as custom stockings for the entire family. (Tutorial via Delia Creates)

3. Burlap Christmas Stocking

burlap christmas stocking

Burlap Christmas stockings are perfect If you love the look of rustic Christmas accessories. (Tutorial via Craft Passion)

4. No Sew Stenciled Stockings

No Sew Stenciled Stockings

Make these festive looking, yet inexpensive DIY stenciled stockings without a sewing machine. (Tutorial via Place of My Taste)

5. Classic Christmas Stockings

Classic Christmas Stockings

These classic Christmas stockings will bring plenty of Christmas spirit to any mantelpiece or fireplace. (Tutorial via Melly Sews)

6. Felt Snowman Stocking

Felt Snowman Stocking

Make this adorable stocking with a happy snowman hanging out among the trees. (Tutorial via The Zen of Making)

7. Vintage Silhouette Christmas Stockings

Vintage Silhouette Christmas Stockings

Make a stocking for each of your family members with their unique silhouette hand painted on it. (Tutorial via Celebrations)

8. Coffee Bag Stockings

Coffee Bag Stockings

Got a coffee lover in the family? Make them a unique stocking with repurposed burlap coffee bags! (Tutorial via Just Crafty enough)

9. Paper Bag Stocking

Paper Bag Stocking

This cute paper bag craft is a great way to encourage your little elves to get creative this Christmas. (Tutorial via Today’s Parent)

10. Fruity Christmas Stocking

fruity christmas stocking

Craft these fun fruity stockings with felt in assorted colors, craft glue and a sewing kit. (Tutorial via My Poppet)

11. Recycled T-shirt Stocking

recycled t-shirt stocking

Make your own beautiful stockings from recycled t-shirts. (Tutorial via Pretty Prudent)

12. Tinsel Typography Christmas Stockings

Tinsel Typography Christmas Stockings

Personalize your Christmas stockings by using some tinsel and hot glue. (Tutorial via Proper)

13. Paisley Power Stocking

Paisley Power Stocking

Add a touch of whimsy to your Christmas decorations with a paisley stocking. (Tutorial via Sew Mama Sew)

14. Snowflake Stocking

snowflake stocking

Your fireplace will look festive and fun when you hang this snowflake stocking. (Tutorial via Purl Soho)

15. Cowboy Boot Stocking

Cowboy Boot Stocking

Get a little country with this cute stocking inspired by the Wild West. (Tutorial via Little Birdie Secrets)

16. Winter White Stocking

Winter White Stocking

These winter white stockings would look amazing in any holiday scheme. (Tutorial via StoneGable)

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