10 Cool Things You Can Make Using Old Pringles Cans

10 Cool Things You Can Make Using Old Pringles Cans

Put all those Pringles cans you’ve emptied to a good use instead of throwing them away! You can reuse these long round cans to store items and food, to decorate your house and even to create accessories for yourself.

Here are our TOP 10 things you can make with them:

1. Pringles Can Vase

Pringles Can Vase

Just cover an empty can of Pringles with decorative stones, and you’ve a beautiful rustic rock vase! (Tutorial via Fab You Bliss)

2. Gift Wrap Stand

Gift Wrap Stand

This is such a cute and fast solution to organize all your wrapping paper. (Tutorial via Vorstellung von Schon)

3. Creative Packaging for Cookies

Creative Packaging for Cookies

Up-cycle a Pringles can for a beautiful way to gift cookies this year! (Tutorial via A Baker’s House)

4. Photo Filters

Photo Filters

Use Sharpie markers and a Pringles lid to create cool photo filters. This is so awesome an easy! (Tutorial via David Leon Morgan)

5. Coffee Stencils

Coffee Stencils

Make your own coffee stencils from old pringles lids. I am sure coffee lovers would love it! (Tutorial via Nifty Thrifty Things)

6. Pringles Can as Pasta Storage

Pringles Can as Pasta Storage

You can decorate them to make them more handy and prettier in the kitchen. (Tutorial via Look What I Made)

7. Craft Box

Craft Box

The empty tubes are extremely convenient for storing straps, threads, twine rolls, ribbons etc. (Tutorial via The Scrap Shoppe)

8. Kaleidoscope


If you have ever wanted to make your own Kaleidoscope, a Pringles can makes the perfect starter point. (Tutorial via Craft E Magee)

9. Desk Organizer

Desk Organizer

Use some Pringles can attached together to create a pretty and useful desk organizer for your pencils, pens and brushes. (via Lerecreartdelfie)

10. Pretty Vintage Box

Pretty Vintage Box

Make а cute box for your glasses or jewelry using a Pringles can. (Tutorial via All Day Chic)

Have you done anything interesting with a Pringles can?

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