15 Brilliant Small Bathroom Organization Hacks


9. Magnetic Bathroom Rack

Magnetic Bathroom Rack

Add a magnetic strip on the inside of a medicine cabinet to store bobby pins, nail clippers, and tweezers. (Tutorial via Sprwmn)

10. Mason Jar Storage

Mason Jar Storage

Perfect for little items such as cotton balls, Q-tips & cotton squares. (Tutorial via The DIY Playbook)

11. Above the Door Shelf

Above the Door Shelf

Declutter your bathroom floors by keeping extra supplies up high. (Learn more at My So-Called Home)

12. Small Table

Small Table

Add a half table over a toilet paper holder for extra storage. (Image via Southern Hospitality)

13. Magnetic Makeup Board

Magnetic Makeup Board

A magnetic makeup board is a must for smaller bathrooms. Cheap and easy to make, and keeps all your pretties within reach. (Tutorial via Laura Thoughts)

14. Use a Wine Rack As A Towel Rack

Use a Wine Rack As A Towel Rack

Make use of that old wine rack in the bathroom. Roll up towels and place in bottle slots for a creative and decorative touch. (Image via Flickr)

15. Shoe Organizers

Shoe Organizers

Not just for shoes! Use these handy over-the-door organizers to store your hair products, lotions, curling iron, straightener, hairdryer, etc. (Image via The Style Side of Life)

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